Laser Eyes Generator Bot

Automatically add laser eyes to your Twitter profile photo with one tweet @LaserEyesBot

Before and After Photo

Get Laser Eyes With One Tweet!

LaserEyesBot will automatically pull your twitter profile picture and run it through our machine learning algorithm in order to instantly give you laser eyes!

Send One Tweet

To get your laser eyes, you simply need to tweet @LaserEyesBot with the hashtag #LaserEyesBot.

You will automatically get a response from the Twitter bot with laser eyes on your profile photo!

Receive Your Laser Eyes

The bot will download your Twitter profile photo, run it through our software to add laser eyes to your photo, and send it back to you with laser eyes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attach media to the tweet?

Unfortunately, we are only supporting your Twitter profile photo at this time.

Where did the idea come from?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bulls started a trend on Twitter to modify their profile photos to have laser eyes. Until now, there was no automated service to send a tweet and automatically get back a photo with laser eyes. We believe in the crypto space and want to give back to the community.

How does the bot work?

There is a Node.js bot running on a Raspberry Pi that detects tweets @LaserEyesBot. When those tweets have the #LaserEyesBot hashtag, the tweeter's profile photo is downloaded and input to a Python processing script that gives back the output image. Finally, the Node.js bot tweets the output image back to the user and proceeds to delete the image data locally.

How does the eye detection work?

There is a Python script that takes the profile image as input and uses OpenCV's machine learning libraries to detect faces and eyes. Then, any detected eyes are overlayed with the laser eye image.

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